Financing For Small Business Owners

Pegasus Spray LLC now proudly offer Clicklease, a great financing option to help small business owners to take advantage of the drone-leading program.
- All credit welcome.
- Approval up to $20,000.
- Better cash flow for business operation.
- No hard credit pull.
- Fixed fee, low monthly.
- Own equipment, earn income right away.
- Finance your purchase, extended warranty, spare parts and more.
- Payments are 100% tax deductable.
- Early pay off options.
- Early pay off okay.
- Early pay off discounts.


Clicklease approves small business customers no one else will—so you can close more
deals faster and break free from archaic financing solutions.

Traditional financing sucks. This is why we do things differently.

Small businesses, start-ups, and weekend warriors are vastly underserved when they
apply for financing. They haven’t been in business long enough. Their credit isn’t good
enough. The deal size isn’t big enough for traditional lenders to bother with. When they
do use your grandpa’s financing option, the process can take days or weeks, and many
trips to the bank and accountant.

Our payment solution makes financing easy-to-understand and approves customers in
seconds. With Clicklease, you can offer real-time payment options to customers online
or in-store with no documents required.

Payment plans don’t need to be an administrative hassle. We make it easy. Customers apply in less than 3 minutes through a button on your site (or send the application via text or email) and are instantly approved. Go from prospect to paid in 3 simple steps:

1. Submit on Applications

2. send customers a Contract

3. Send us the invoice.

No, Clicklease does NOT do hard credit pull.

Final Approval is in 4 seconds, no documents requires.

Using our cutting-edge technology, we create custom approval amounts and payment terms to fit each
applicant. This enables us to approve more customers for higher approval amounts. Customers can
choose a payment plan that fits their growing business. Where others say “no,” we provide options.

Of course, you are more than welcome to reach out to Clicklease Support Center at 888-509-5592.